More Details On Hulk Hogan Being Backstage At WWE Extreme Rules

Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

According to’s Bryan Alvarez, Hulk Hogan’s backstage meeting with talent was filmed for an upcoming WWE Network special.

Hogan was confirmed to be backstage at tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and he reportedly met with talent and other officials to apologize for racial comments he made that were publicly leaked in 2015.

Hulk Hogan Makes First Public Comments After WWE Hall Of Fame Reinstatement

According to, Hogan spent a long time apologizing for his comments and for embarassing WWE for the incident. Hogan was also said to have talked about being mindful of making comments in the presence of cameras even when you don’t realize you are being recorded. Hogan got a big reaction from the talent and ended up shaking their hands and hugging them before getting emotional. There was a general feeling that Hogan is back with the company, but PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson later stated as of today, Hogan has not signed a contract with the company.

Earlier today, WWE reinstated Hogan into the WWE Hall Of Fame and announced he was attended Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh.