Josh Barnett On What Ultimately Set Him Off During The G1 Special In San Francisco, 3MB Reunites To Watch WeeLC (Video)

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Josh Barnett On What Set Him Off During The G1 Special

Josh Barnett was this week’s guest on The Jim Ross Report this week, and spoke about his reaction to JR getting injured at the G1 Special in San Francisco. Barnett said he was calm after the situation, but ultimately got pissed when he was taunted after the spot:

JR – It seemed like you were OK until [Jay White] taunted you there.

JB- Yes, that was the crowning moment there. Everything happened so damn fast. As soon as that table hit, down you went. Someone tried to go ‘you didn’t even try to catch him.’ I’m like how the f*** was I supposed to catch him, you know? Juice Robinson is 235 pounds and getting suplexed into a railing and into a table. It wasn’t just me, but we were getting disrespected. That was it.

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The full episode of this week’s The Jim Ross Report can be found here.

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3MB Reunites To Watch WeeLC

The following video features the band getting back together (baby!) as 3MB watches the WeeLC match with Hornswoggle: