Why Stone Cold Refused The ECW Championship; Jazz Talks Paul Heyman & Breast Implants

Why Stone Cold Refused The ECW Championship; Jazz Talks Paul Heyman & Breast Implants

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Why Stone Cold Refused The ECW Championship

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was guest number one on Lillian Garcia’s revamped and re-launched Chasing Glory podcast. Garcia asked Austin about his refusal to win the ECW World Championship,

It was also because I figured if I rolled in there and Paul [Heyman] wanted to put the strap on me; but, Mike [Whipwreck] had it. I said, ‘No man.’ Here I just came waltzing in and because I came from WCW. I was a very good mechanic in the ring; but, I wasn’t a superstar yet although we’d call myself “Superstar” Steve Austin there in ECW – I said, ‘Man, everybody’s expecting me to take the Title. Let me chase it. Let me earn it.’ I want to get over with that ECW crowd or wherever it is from a television standpoint. Those people in that sh*t hole arena, the ECW Arena – it was a dump and when I say that I mean it as a compliment. It was just this raw crazy atmosphere with a lot of guys working their asses off to build that place up and doing a hell of a job with all those great promos. I just didn’t want to waltz in there and get handed a belt. I wanted to earn it through the boys in the company and earn the fans respect. I just didn’t want it handed to me….I wanted to earn it and I wanted to work for it.

Readers interested in listening to Chasing Glory in its entirety may do so HERE.

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Jazz Talks Paul Heyman & Breast Implants

Former WWE and ECW wrestler Jazz was a recent guest on Noonan Speaks where she talked about Paul Heyman being instrumental in convincing her to avoid getting breast augmentation surgery,

I always put Paul E. over in every interview. I always put him over because at the time there weren’t many African American women in the business and especially on that level. He saw something in little old me and gave me an opportunity. He knew I was different. He told me, ‘No matter what you do, you don’t need a boob job. You don’t need this and that. You’re totally different and that’s going to make you different. That’s going to set you out and make you look different from any of the other girls. Never ever consider getting boobs or any of it.’ That’s why he came up with the motto, ‘My T and my A does not stand for t*ts and ass. My T and my A stand for talent and ability.’

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