Will Jim Ross Return For The Mae Young Classic?, New Details On Slobberknocker Sequel

Will Jim Ross Return For The Mae Young Classic?, New Details On Slobberknocker Sequel

Jim Ross took to The Jim Ross Report podcast and offered some insight as to whether or not he would be resuming his role as an announcer for WWE’s second annual Mae Young Classic,

“I don’t have any idea. I would think not. I would assume that if I were going to be involved again that I would have already been contacted and I don’t say that out of – I’ve got plenty to do. I’m very busy; but, I don’t think I did my best work on that project. There were a lot of things that made it challenging to do one’s best work; but, the best effort was there. The results weren’t as good as I hoped they would have been on my end. People say, ‘Well he didn’t have a real good outing.’ They’re probably right. The other thing is the WWE has a lot of good young guys that need work and they’re never gonna get better if you don’t put them in a position to sink or swim. You’ve got proven commodities there; but, you’ve got also some depth issues. I think Tom Phillips would be a great choice to do the Mae Young Classic. He certainly could use more reps. Mauro [Ranallo] doesn’t; but, he’d do great, my gosh. The guys that are there, they’re staffed. They don’t need me to help and I understand that. I’ve got no problem with it. I really don’t. I’m staying busy enough.”

Ross also gave some details about his upcoming second book, the sequel to his 2017 release Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling,

“I met with my writing partner, the brilliant Paul O’Brien. We hooked up in Limerick and there we had a meeting and I had a brewski. We had a great talk and we’re going to do a sequel to Slobberknocker. I don’t know the name of it yet. We haven’t got that far; but, we’ve worked out in theory that we’re going to do the second book and now there’s a whole lot of groundwork to get together. Paul and I will join up in Los Angeles, probably some time this summer to hatch out our strategy. We’re picking it up chronologically after I came back from the second bout of bell’s palsy and call the Austin/Rock WrestleMania match at 15. Boy, we cover a lot of ground after that. So we had a huge meeting and it’s gonna be good. The book’s gonna be dynamic. I think it’s going to be the most familiar territory for fans today, more than our first book, which is still doing great.”

Ross also teased an incident where he was “stretched” by WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart will find its way into the sequel,

“He [Stu Hart] made me tap one time in his basement, the Dungeon. That will be in our next book Paul and I are gonna write, I’m sure.”

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