Punishment Martinez On How He’s Grown In The Past Year, Talks Possible Feud With ‘The Horror King’

Punishment Martinez

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

Ring Of Honor’s Punishment Martinez recently spoke with HollywoodLife.com; you can read a few excerpts below:

Punishment Martinez on how he’s changed in the past year: 

I have been finding myself within the company. I have been wrestling for a while and really have changed my style, my look and my appearance — depending on where I am and how things are progressing. Ring Of Honor was no different. I think when I first started, I was being told to be something I wasn’t and now, I have earned the opportunity to be myself and just have creative freedom and show a little bit more of the actual Martinez side and who I really am. I think it easier for people to identify and understand me.

Martinez comments on Vinny Marseglia’s different take on horror, why he’d entertain a feud with him: 

Oh no. Vinny’s thing is different from mine. He is the “Horror King”: he represents the horror movie monsters and getting inspiration from them. I get inspiration from anything violent. It doesn’t take a lot to be horrible.

I might not challenge him for that but the idea of him and I squaring off? The creativeness that could come out of that and us is something that is intriguing–especially since it has been like two years now and our paths haven’t passed once in the ring or just in general, which is crazy.

So eventually, it has to happen. You are not the first person to mention it. It is something I would love to have a long program with him and get creative. We can get creative and get some really dark ideas to it.

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How does he maintain his level of intensity? 

[laughs] Well, physically, I train seven days a week. Whether it is a gym lifting or in a wrestling facility like the Monster Factory where I am in the ring and training with a buddy. I like to do martial arts, which I really still am part of. Mentally, I guess I used to fight before I was a pro wrestler. I put myself into that zone and am like, ‘All right, it is now do or die!’ So, I need to succeed and I psych my self out right before I go through that curtain.