Sasha Banks On How Her Opinion Of Ronda Rousey Has Changed, How Well Rousey Has Adapted To WWE

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Sasha Banks was a recent guest on the In This Corner podcast with Brian Campbell; you can read a few highlights below:

Sasha Banks on Ronda Rousey, and how her opinion of the former UFC star has changed:

“When I first heard she was going to be here I was a bit like, ‘That’s not really fair.’ But she has proven that she belongs and I’m really excited for her to be here with us. Man, I’m a big fan of her.” 

“She has been killing it. She has proven all the doubters wrong, and it’s so crazy to see her matches. I’m in shock; I’m in awe. I loved her match at WrestleMania. I loved her match at Money in the Bank, and I definitely think she’s one to watch. I can’t believe Money in the Bank was only her second match. I am so impressed, and I hope that I get to wrestle her in the future. I’m so excited for her career in WWE, and man, she really has been killing it.”

“To me, when I watch that match at Money in the Bank, I believed every single thing that she took. I believed that she was in pain — and probably she really was. She was entertaining. For me, I feel like she gets it, and I think it’s because she was a fan growing up. She knows what our audience wants to see, and she makes me feel everything that she’s going through. I think that’s one of the hardest things about being a WWE superstar, which is making people feel whether she’s hurt or not.”

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