Ex WWE Creative Member Dishes On Superstars Vince Finds Unattractive, Memory Lapses

Ex WWE Creative Member Dishes On Superstars Vince Finds Unattractive, Memory Lapses

Photo Credit: Getty, Vince McMahon attends WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief at Cipriani, Wall Street on April 4, 2013 in New York City.

Wade Keller interviewed ex-WWE creative member Kevin Eck on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast. Eck opened up about Vince McMahon’s memory lapses,

“As Vince has gotten older I think he has become more forgetful with things and there were a lot of instances where he had to be reminded. He would just flat out ask, ‘What did we do on RAW last week with this guy? What did we do?’ He would need to be caught up to speed. Granted, he was in his late 60s/early 70s at that point and responsible for a lot of programming and seen a lot of angles over the years and seen a lot of TV shows. One of the funniest things I recall is Vince one time in a booking meeting…it was Brock Lesnar against somebody and Vince was trying to think of what the finish could be and he literally says this in a booking meeting. He said, ‘What’s Brock’s finish again?’ It wasn’t a joke. There was kind of a pause and somebody spoke up and said, ‘The F-5.’ Then it suddenly dawned on Vince that he had taken that move not too long before that and hurt his hip and made a joke about it, ‘Oh that’s right, my hip didn’t like that movie very much.’ He could not remember the F-5.”

Wade Keller & Eck later lamented the current female champions, Carmella and Alexa Bliss, and argued that after the Women’s Revolution the two essentially represented a regression back to the Divas era. Eck said that Vince,

“When I was there in 2014, it was the Divas for sure and Vince would use the line, ‘Our fans don’t want to see the girls fight like the guys.’ Whenever there was a suggestion of more of a wrestling type match or some type of stipulation, whether it be Falls Count Anywhere or whatever it might have been, it was, ‘No no no one wants to see that.’ He would look at the girls – he would call them girls, that’s why I am saying girls – as providing a sexuality aspect of the show. ‘Let’s get some sexuality on the show,’ which meant let’s get a women’s match on the show. You would get a 3 or 4 minute match and get the women in the ring and guys can see hot women and that would be a nice buffer to the next men’s match. That’s the way they were promoted. That era: Carmella or Alexa Bliss? Absolutely. They were perfect champions for that era; but, not today.”

Eck went on to say that he can not fathom this era of women’s wrestling in comparison to the time he was there, when McMahon & WWE television producer Kevin Dunn were dead set against that. Eck continued to describe women that McMahon apparently found unattractive,

“The women that I heard that Vince found unattractive would blow your mind, like Kaitlyn – not attractive. That would just blow my mind. I just couldn’t believe some of the things I used to hear. I’ll tell you what, he grew to love A.J. Lee, that whole storyline she did with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan…he grew to love her just as a character. I think that’s why A.J. got the push she did because obviously she didn’t fit the cookie cutter mold of a Diva either. Nothing against them; but, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly…that was the mold of WWE women.”

Readers interested in listening to the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast in its entirety may do so HERE.

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