Travis Banks On Being PROGRESS Champion, Working With WWE

Travis Banks On Being PROGRESS Champion, Working With WWE

Current PROGRESS World Champion Travis Banks talked with Daily Star Online for an interview, here are some highlights:

Travis Banks on being PROGRESS Champ and wrestling in the WWE:

“If you told me 3 years ago when I first got to the UK that not only would I be PROGRESS champion, wrestling for the WWE and at the Royal Albert Hall I would have called you crazy. I couldn’t have imagined an opportunity like that was in front of me. So I always try and keep that mentality about me and keep myself grounded. However being PROGRESS champion and reaching the finals in a WWE tournament also brings a feeling of pride and joy. Moments and championships like this is what I have been working towards for ten years.”

On PROGRESS getting popularity on UK wrestling scene:

“PROGRESS, along with the talent on the shows, have brought many eyes to British wrestling and put a magnifying glass on the amount of talent the scene here has. As much as I appreciate the places that gave me my start in New Zealand there just wasn’t enough of what I wanted there on those scenes.”