Huge Name Rumored For WWE Summerslam; Speculation On An Elias ‘Face’ Turn

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Huge Name Rumored For WWE Summerslam

The following speculation comes from the @wrestlevotes Twitter account regarding a possible Undertaker Summerslam match:

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Speculation On An Elias ‘Face’ Turn

Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter broke down the Seth Rollins vs Elias Money in the Bank Match & speculated on a possible ‘face’ turn for Elias,

“Elias showed good intensity late, and this may have been his best match to date. Rollins won by reversing a cradle and held onto Elias’ pants to get the win. It was interesting Rollins won with a heel finish. Usually when you do this, it’s because you want to build sympathy for the heel for a planned turn. Whether that’s the case here, who knows, although Elias is obviously ending up at some point as a face.”

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