Jim Ross Lashes Out At ‘Idiot’ Beach Ball Throwing Fans, Talks Becky Lynch Crush

Photo Credit: Ringside w/ Jim Ross

On the latest episode of The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took great exception to NXT fans that decided to toss around a beach ball during Shayna Baszler’s successful NXT Takeover: Chicago Women’s Championship defense against Nikki Cross,

Whoever brought the damn beach ball and punted that around at the match should have their ass kicked. How can you be — ‘oh I’m a fan, I’m a real fan, I’ve got a tee shirt that’s got a wrestler’s picture on it.’ Yeah right. Why would you bring a beach ball to a live event unless you just needed the attention? That you need to tell your buddies, ‘Hey you see that beach ball man? Hey dude, guess who brought it?’ No, you’re an idiot. So no more beach balls please….you disrespected the people in the match. That’s not the game. So, no more beach balls please and if you see a beach ball, stick a fork in it. Like [Gorilla] Monsoon would say, ‘It’s done.’

Ross went on to wax poetic about Becky Lynch, who he is apparently enamored with,

Becky Lynch – I think my high cheek bones – those super model cheek bones – has caught on. I don’t mean any negativity by it. She’s a beautiful woman. I’m a mark for Maureen O’Hara. My favorite movie is The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. I’ve had a crush on Maureen O’Hara since I was a teen and Becky Lynch is Irish by the way, she has red hair by the way and she’s a very beautiful woman. So, I harken back to my Maureen O’Hara crush and I’ve gravitated now to Becky Lynch, who’s very tough, very physical – I like that.

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