More Details On What Led To Big Cass’ WWE Release

big cass

Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage

According to the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer NewsletterBig Cass’ release came as a result of a number of reasons, not one single incident.

It has been reported that Big Cass was fired by Vince McMahon at a meeting before this week’s Smackdown tapings in Toledo, and one of the reasons was because of the reported incident of him going off script during a segment with a little person. The Observer noted several other reasons were cause for Cass to be fired, including:

  • Cass blowing off a promo rehearsal with Kevin Dunn
  • going long during the live version of that same promo
  • Behavioral issues on the European tour, including an incident where Cass locked himself out of a bathroom, and broke the door down. Cass believed he was being pranked, but no one else could use the bathroom privately due to the damage.

Big Cass Feuds We Won’t Get To See That Could Have Been Interesting

While it did not have anything to do with his termination, it was noted that Cass had creatied enemies from defending Donald Trump during a past backstage argument with Sami Zayn. It was also said that producers were negative on his in the recent feud with Daniel Bryan, and issues stemmed back to his feud with Big Show.