Sid Justice On Hulk Hogan’s ‘Three Stooges’ Routine, Says He Doesn’t Remember Working His First Wrestlemania


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Sid Justice was a recent guest on Prime Time With Sean Mooney; you can read a few transcribed highlights and listen to the clips below:

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Sid on working with Hulk Hogan, reaction to Sid during that era:

This is the thing with that, Sean, is that particular era, that month of year of the business—Sean, you know this business—Hogan was already on the downhill skids. He wasn’t getting cheered, you know, that ‘Three Stooges’ comeback wasn’t working anymore. You know that was his comeback, right?

He copied that from Curly on the Three Stooges. Are you not aware of that? He presented it to me like that. I’ll never forget it; I thought I have to have a heel match, and [Hogan] goes ‘no brother, this is going to be easy.’ He said ‘you just beat me up a little bit, and all of the sudden I’ll just do the shake and slap my face a couple times, like Curly does. You throw a punch, I’ll block it, you hit me, I’ll hit you. We’ll do that a couple times.’ And that’s how easy it was. It didn’t make for a good match, but it worked for him.

When you’re doing that kind of match after that long of a time, people are going to shit on it, right? They’re going to get tired of it—business was I wasn’t any better than Hogan—he’d had his run and we needed someone new.

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Sid comments on working his first Wrestlemania, why he gave notice to quit after the event: 

You know Sean—and this is not an exaggeration—I don’t even remember my first Wrestlemania. I didn’t realize it was Wrestlemania, and I’m not kidding you. I didn’t look at the booking sheet, I didn’t care who I was working with; I didn’t care. It was a business to me. I didn’t care if I won or lost, I just wanted to get paid.

After my first Wrestlemania, someone said to me ‘you know you’re main eventing Wrestlemania?’ And I said, ‘no? Was I?’ I remember the Hoosier Dome, but I didn’t realize that was Wrestlemania. I do remember doing the interviews for it, and having that Southern accent—I guess I was saying Wrestling Mania or saying it the wrong way—but there was a big sign that said ‘Tell Sid to just say ‘Mania’. At that point, Vince was already upset with me because I had already given my notice to quit. The reason was is because in that situation and in that company, I was in the wrong situation at the wrong time.

I left a big guaranteed contract to come to [WWF] and the deal was I was going to do TVs and pay-per-views for one year, and then after Wrestlemania I was going to become the World Champion. I was going to do my first house show, but then [Vince] had to go and fire [Ultimate] Warrior and all of that shit changed. From the very beginning, things didn’t go right.

We were at the Royal Rumble—and I think Hogan pulled me out from the outside—and they started booing him. When we get back to the dressing room, Hogan is screaming and acting like a woman. And I go ‘hold on a minute’ and he’s screaming at Vince about ‘you set this up! you made this happen!’ I didn’t even know Vince was that bad of a person at the time; I thought that was just all hearsay. I didn’t care; I really didn’t care what they did. I went to Vince’s office, and I stuck my hand out and said ‘I want to thank you for the opportunity, but I’m gone. I cannot work in a place where grown men act like women.’ And he said ‘no, no, no, I’m not going to shake your hand. That won’t do you any good.’