Former RAW Asst. Writer Dishes On ‘Madman’ Vince McMahon’s Germophobia, Carnivorous Diet

Former RAW Asst. Writer Dishes On ‘Madman’ Vince McMahon’s Germophobia, Carnivorous Diet

during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Former RAW assistant writer Jason Allen was once again a guest on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast. Allen spilled the beans on Vince McMahon’s carnivorous eating habits,

“I dealt with Vince more at a distance as far as he is the ultimate boss of my boss of my boss. My interaction with Vince was a lot more – not professional; but, personal. I’m not saying we were buddies or anything like that; but, there were a lot of times where it was my responsibility to make sure food was delivered to his room. One of the writer assistant jobs – me and my counterparts – we had to feed Vince like you’ve got to feed the bears. He had a certain schedule. I know you [Wade Keller] like to harp on his meat stuff and that’s exactly what it was. We’re walking in like 18 oz sirloin steak and asparagus in his dressing room and sometimes he eats it and sometimes he doesn’t; but, it had to be delivered at a certain time.”

Wade Keller chimed in with,

“Wait he ate asparagus? Did he eat it, do you know?

Allen replied,

“There was asparagus on the plate from time to time. I never paid attention to much. It was either untouched or it was gone.”

Keller claimed that he heard all Vince eats is steak, wraps, and ketchup.

Allen replied,

“Yeah, there’s lots of that too. Everything you hear about the germophobia and stuff, that’s all legit. If there was a bowl of candy or a bowl of peanuts on the table – this was one of the very first things that was explained to me – you do not stick your hand in the bowl and eat out of your hand. What you do is you pick up the bowl and you pour it into your non-bowl hand and then eat with your non-bowl hand. Then if you go back for seconds you pour again. All of that stuff is all real and all legit….we were never in the same place for too long, generally you walk in drop the plate on the thing. He says, ‘Thank you.’ You say, ‘You’re welcome.’ Then you leave. He was always polite in that way.”

Allen on the level of respect writer’s had for McMahon:

“He never came across to me as a dictator or as a, ‘Hey, it’s my way pal. We’re gonna do it my way.’ Vince would listen to anybody if they had conviction and they wanted to pitch. That was just really cool about him….There was never any, ‘The old man’s lost it,’ or any talk like that with us….I can’t remember anybody critiquing his vision or where we were going….we’re all kind of along for the ride and is there a madman at the wheel? Sometimes yeah; but, we  all regarded him as the boss and he’s the guy signing the checks so we’re going to execute his vision to the best and most entertaining we can.”

Readers interested in listening to the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast in its entirety may do so HERE.

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