Exclusive: Jonathan Gresham ‘I Don’t Like Where I’m At In ROH’; Talks Importance Of His Match w/ Cody Tonight In San Antonio, More

Happy Friday of Honor!

WrestleZone Radio has just released a brand new interview with Ring of Honor star Jonathan Gresham.

Gresham has a huge match against Cody tonight at ROH’s “State Of The Art: San Antonio”. Limited tickets remain for the show and can be purchased HERE

You can find some transcribed highlights from the interview below. The full interview can be found via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes or in the embedded player at the top of this post.

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On what his match against Cody tonight in San Antonio means to him:

JG: For me, it’s a slow climb. It’s been a slow climb for me in Ring of Honor. Cody is one of the first steps. What do I expect? I expect Cody to underestimate me the entire way through. He’s got what… two or three world title matches to worry about? I am pretty sure I am not even in his sites as anything important right now. I bet he underestimates me and that I’ll surprise him.

On if he thinks he should be “All In” if he beats Cody tonight:

JG: I mean, yes? I guess. For the most part, if I beat Cody, I think that proves to Ring of Honor officials and everybody else that I am main event material. My goal is to get in the main event. Ring of Honor is my main focus. Since I started I have wanted to be in Ring of Honor. To be in the Ring of Honor main event and battling for the world title is my main goal.

On if he has a friendly rivalry with anyone else on the ROH roster trying to break into the main event:

JG: I look at it like everyone is in my way at the moment. I have had loss after loss after loss… I haven’t been keeping up with what a guy like Flip Gordon is doing but I am pretty sure he has more wins than I do in Ring of Honor, and outside of it in ROH affiliates. For me, I am on the losing side and everyone is ahead of me and I need to get past them. That’s my whole vision right now. I don’t like where I am at in Ring of Honor and I plan on doing something about it against Cody this coming weekend.