Exclusive: Jake Crist Vows To Unmask El Hijo Del Fantasma Tonight On Impact, Was oVe Inspired By The Hardys’ Broken Universe?, More

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

WrestleZone Radio has just released an exclusive interview with Impact Wrestling’s Jake Crist.

Crist battles El Hijo del Fantasma tonight on Impact Wrestling at 8/7 pm CST on PopTV.

You can find some transcribed highlights from Crist’s interview below. The full audio can be heard via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes or in the embedded player at the top of this post.

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On Eddie Edwards’ obsession with getting revenge against Sami Callihan:

JC: Of course it’s not healthy. Look at the guy, he became infatuated with the fact that Sami Callihan took him out. It’s going to lead to the destruction of Eddie Edwards. That’s what I see coming down the pike. I don’t know about you but if I was Eddie I wouldn’t be so infatuated with Sami like he is. I mean, I get it, I understand that you got bashed in the face by a baseball bat but… come on now. You came to the woods and, when is it going to end? When is it going to end Eddie Edwards?

On if the production style of the “Fight in the Woods” segment was inspired by the Hardys‘ “Broken Universe” segments from the Hardy Compound:

JC: This was anything that came to our minds or anything that we copied or anything like that. It stems from us just not wanting anyone doing our stuff other than us. That even comes down to the moves that you see in the ring. We don’t do anything unless we can trust ourselves to do it. I don’t want to rely on anyone else.

On his match tonight against El Hijo del Fantasma:

JC: I am going to go straightforward at him. I want to get him on the ground, I want to expose his ground game and then when I get done toying around with him I am going to rip his mask off. Let’s see how ugly he is, let’s see what he’s hiding under that mask. What are you hiding under your mask? I am going to rip that mask off.