NJPW Dominion Results (6/9) Okada/Omega IV, Naito/Jericho, Rey Mysterio Debuts, More

FIFTH MATCH: IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & SANADA) (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson)

Nick and SANADA start the match. They lock up. Nick hits a springboard armdrag and a dropkick. The Bucks hit a drop toe hold and legdrop on EVIL and then a double dropkick on SANADA. Assisted dropkick sends EVIL and SANADA out of the ring where Nick Jackson hits a huge dive. EVIL gets rolled back in the ring. EVIL hits a spinning sideslam. SANADA hits a dropkick. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

EVIl gets a nearfall on Matt. SANADA tags in and hits a standing moonsault for two. EVIL tags in. EVIL hits a Neckbreaker for two.

EVIL locks in a chinlock. Matt tries to tag in Nick but EVIL clears the apron. EVIl misses a clothesline and gets hit with a springboard enziguri. Nick hits a bulldog/clothesline combo on Nick Jackson. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

EVIL works over Nick’s leg on the outside. Back in the ring Matt accidentally superkicks Nick. Matt gets thrown out to the floor. EVIL and SANADA double team Nick. Nick tries to fight back and counters Magic Killer. Bucks try to superplex SANADA and EVIL uses a double powerbomb to create a double Tower Of Doom. EVIL goes for a Fisherman Buster but gets hit with a kick to the head.

Matt tags in. SANADA tags in. They exchange strikes. Matt counters Skull End with a Tombstone attempt, but Nick gets pulled off the apron before Indytaker can be hit. Matt locks EVIL in a sharpshooter. SANADA locks in Skull End. Nick Jackson breaks everything up with a missile dropkick. EVIL tags in and hits a Reverse Death Valley Driver. EVIL goes for EVIL but is countered into a Tombstione but Nick can’t hit Indytaker. EVIL counters with a Tombstone and SANADA hits Indytaker for two. EVIL and SANADA hit Magic Killer on Matt but Nick breaks up the pinfall. EVIL goes for EVIL but Matt counters with a backslide for two.

SANADA tags in and locks Matt in Skull End. EVIL hits a Thrust Kick. Matt hits EVIL with a Clothesline. SANADA hits Matt with a Dropkick. SANADA locks in Skull End and spins Matt around. SANADA goes for a Moonsault but Matt counters. Mtt hits a Spear. Superkick Party ensues. The Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck for the pinfall.


After the match, The Young Bucks tell Don Callis that he’s ALL IN.

SIXTH MATCH: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jushin Thunder Liger & Rey Mysterio vs. Bullet Club (Cody, Hangman Page & Marty Scurll)

Liger and Scurll start the match. Rey tags in. Scurll tags Page and flees the ring. Page demands Tanahashi. Tanahashi tags in. Tanahashi and Page lock up and Tanahashi locks in a hammerlock to a sideheadlock. Tanahashi hits a shoulder block. Tanahashi hits an elbow drop. Cody tags in.

Tanahashi and Cody have a pushup contest. They lock up. Cody locks in a side headlock but gets dropped but multiple armdrags. Cody hits a throat thrust. Mysterio tags in. Scurll tags in. Scurll drops Mysterio with a shoulder. Mysterio rolls up Scurll for two.

Mysterio hits a hurricanrana. Liger tags in. Liger hits a Baseball Slide. Liger locks in a Romero Special. Cody and Page clear the apron and break the hold. Scurll goes for a Romero Special but instead beats on Liger. Cody tags in and double teams Liger. Cody dominates Liger in the corner. Page tags in and hits a Back Suplex for two.

Scurll tags in and works over Liger’s arm. Page tags in and Liger eats a drop toe hold, sliding dropkick and standing shooting star press. Scurll tags in.

Scurll ducks a Shotei and hits a low thrust kick. Liger hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Mysterio tags in and hits a flurry of offense. Mysterio hits a Satellite DDT. Mysterio hits a Whilebarrow Drop into the middle rope. Page tags in. Tanahashi tags in. Tanahashi hits a crossbody. Tanahashi hits a Dragon Screw. Tanahashi blocks Rite of Passage with Twist And Shout. Page hits Tanahashi with a lariat. Cody tags in. Liger tags in. Liger gets a series of nearfalls on Cody. Liger hits a Shotei but Scurll breaks up the pinfall.

Mysterio goes for a 619 but Page breaks it up. Page gets hurricanrana’d into the second rope and Mysterio hits a Double 619. Tanahashi hits a Slingblade. Liger hits a Top Rope Hurricanrana on Cody. Cody counters the Brainbuster with Cross Rhodes.

WINNERS: Bullet Club

SEVENTH MATCH: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Ospreay and Hiromu charge each other. The exchange strikes. Takahashi throws Ospreay into the corner. Ospreay fights out of a Sunset Bomb. Both men brawl on the entry ramp. Ospreay hits a Somersault Senton off the ramp onto Hiromu. Ospreay pulls the padding off the ringside area and goes for Storm Breaker but Hiromu reverses.

Back in the ring, Opsreay hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Ospreay drops Hiromu with a European Uppercut. Ospreay locks in an armlock. Hiromu flees the ring. Ospreay gives chase and throws Hiromu into the guard rail.

Back in the ring, Ospreay maintains dominance on Hiromu. They exchange strikes. Hiromu hits a hurricanrana. Hiromu drops Ospreay, Ospreay rolls out of the ring. Hiromu hits an Apron Run Dropkick to the floor. Back in the ring, Hiromu hits a Missile Dropkick for two.

Hiromu hits a Pop-Up Sitout Powerbomb for two. Hiromu chops away on Ospreay but Ospreay fights back. Opsreay hits a Top Rope 619. Ospreay hits Pip Pip Cheerio. Hiromu ducks the Robinson Special. Hiromu locks in a rope assisted headscissors choke. Ospreay hits a Space Flying Tiger Drop to the floor.

Back in the ring, Ospreay gets a nearfall. Hiromu counters Osscutter with a German Suplex. The two exchange strikes from their knees. They fight to their feet. Hiromu hits a Superkick and ducks an Enziguri. Ospreay hits an Enziguri and two Reverse Hurricanranas. Hiromu counters Storm Breaker with Code Red. The two fight on the apron. Ospreay climbs to the top rope and hits a deadlift Superplex, hangs on, drapes Hiromu on the ropes and hits a Shooting Star Press. Ospreay climbs to the top rope and hits a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press for two.

Hiromu writhes out of Storm Breaker and hits a Yoshi Tonic. Hiromu locks in The D. Ospreay tries to powerbomb out but Hiromu doesn’t break the hold. Ospreay hits a twisting Powerbomb, landing Hiromu on the back of his neck. Ospreay hits Robinson Special. Hiromu tosses Ospreay over the top rope. Hiromu hits a Sunset Powerbomb on the exposed floor. Hiromu hits Dynamite Plunger for two.

Hiromu goes for Timebomb but Ospreay hits a series of head kicks to break out of it. Hiromu counters Storm Breaker with The D. Ospreay breaks out. Hiromu hits a Butterfly Piledriver. Hiromu hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner. Hiromu hits Timebomb for the pinfall.

WINNER & NEW CHAMPION: Hiromu Takahashi