NJPW Dominion Results (6/9) Okada/Omega IV, Naito/Jericho, Rey Mysterio Debuts, More

NJPW Dominion Results (6/9) Live In Progress…

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FIRST MATCH: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) vs. Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh)

Sho and Yoh attack Suzuki-gun to start. They hit stereo planchas on the champs and then isolate Kanemaru in the ring. Yoh dominates the elder Kanemaru with stiff strikes. Yoh hits a sunset dropkick, but El Desperado pulls him off the apron before he can hit a springboard dropkick. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

Desperado throws Sho into the crowd. Kanemaru hits Yoh with an Apron Hung DDT to the floor. Yoh breaks the count at 19.

In the ring, Desperado bodyslams Yoh. Desperado hits a back elbow. Kanemaru tags in and bodyslams Yoh. Kanemaru knocks Sho off the apron with a Yakuza Kick. Yoshinobu locks in a chinlock but Yoh gets to the rope.

Desperado and Yoh exchange strikes. Yoh hits a Dragon Screw. Kanemaru clears the apron but gets suplexed by Yoh. Sho tags in and hits Lariats on Kanemaru and Desperado. Sho hits a Double Spear. Sho hits a series of body kicks. Sho hits rolling German Suplexes, culminating in a Deadlift German Suplex for two.

Desperado hits a Spinebuster. Suzuki-gun hits a Single Leg Dropkick/Back Suplex combo, but Yoh breaks up the pinfall. Sho and Desperado exchange forearms. Desperado goes for a gutwrench suplex, but Sho counters with a Dominator/STO combo but Kanemaru breaks up the pin. Desperado gets hit with a Backcracker/Dropkick combo. Kanemaru breaks up a 3K attempt. Kanemaru accidentally whiskey mists Desperado. Kanemaru fights out of 3K. Sho powerslams Kanemaru. Sho counters a low blow with a lariat. Sho hits a last ride lungblower for two.

Sho goes for a Shock Arrow but Desperado counters. Sho gets hit with a Whiskey Bottle and rolled up by Desperado for the pinfall.


SECOND MATCH: David Finlay & Juice Robinson vs. CHAOS (Jay White & YOSHI-HASHI)

Jay White attacks Finlay and Juice to start. YOSHI-HASHI and White hits a double back elbow on Juice. White chops Juice. White chops him again. Juice fights back with a huge chop of his own. Robinson flips out of a backdrop and drops White. Finlay tags in.

Double Bulldog drops White. Finlay hits a corner European Uppercut. Finlay gets a nearfall.

Finlay goes for a Samoan Drop but White counters with a Snap Saito Suplex. YOSHI-HASHI tags in. YOSHI-HASHI dominates Finlay. YOSHI-HASHI hits a brainbuster for two.

White tags in and hits a Pumphandle Backbreaker for two. YOSHI-HASHI tags in and keeps Finlay grounded. YOSHI-HASHI locks in a cravate. Robinson tags in but the referee didn’t see it. CHAOS double teams Finlay. Finlay hits a dropkick. Robinson tags in. White tags in.

Juice hits Dusty Punches. Juice hits a huge chop. Juice hits a corner lariat. Juice hits another corner lariat. Juice hangs YOSHI-HASHI in the tree of woe and Juice hits a Cannonball on White and YOSHI-HASHI. Juice hits a Flying Crossbody for two.

Finlay and Juice hit a double flapjack. White fights back and hits a Snap Saito Suplex. Juice fights out of a double team attempt and hits a huge lariat on White. YOSHI-HASHI hits a Western Lariat on Juice. Finlay hits Prima Nocte on YOSHI-HASHI. White hits Finlay with Blade Runner. Juice hits White with Pulp Friction for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Juice Robinson & David Finlay

After the match, Juice holds the IWGP United States title high and then drops it on Jay White.

THIRD MATCH: CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) vs. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr.)

Ishii and Suzuki are literally at each other’s throats before the bell. They start the match by exchanging forearms. Suzuki hits a Yakuza Kick. Suzuki misses a PK. Ishii hits a shoulder tackle. Ishii goes for a Brainbuster but Suzuki counters and tags in Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre twists Ishii into a Bow & Arrow lock. Sabre and Ishii exchange strikes. Ishii knocks Suzuki off the apron. Yano tags in and drops Sabre with a shoulder tackle. Yano gets locked in a double wristlock. Yano gets to the ropes.

Suzuki tags in and kicks Yano in the midsection. Suzuki goes after Ishii on the ropes but Ishii dodges. Suzuki locks Yano into a wristlock. Sabre and Suzuki maneuver around Yano with various submissions. Suzuki locks in a sleeper but Yano gets to the ropes.

Suzuki pummels Yano. Suzuki hits a Yakuza Kick. Yano hits an inverted atomic drop. Ishii tags in and chops away on Suzuki. Ishii pummels Suzuki in the corner. Ishii hits a shoulder tackle. They exchange forearms. Suzuki locks in the rear naked choke, but Ishii counters the Gotch Piledriver with a backdrop. The two men exchange strikes. Both men get hit with a slap and fall. Sabre tags in. Yano tags in.

Yano gets tortured with a double wristlock. Sabre locks in a Cobra Twist. Yano hiptosses out of the hold. Yano removes the turnbuckle pad. Sabre locks Yano up with a European Clutch for two. Sabre catches a low-blow attempt with his thighs and locks in Orienteering With Napalm Death for the submission.

WINNERS: Suzuki-gun

After the match, Suzuki and Ishii duel with chairs. They also have a vicious slapfight at ringside.

FOURTH MATCH: NEVER Openweight Championship Match: Hirooki Goto (c) vs. Taichi vs. Michael Elgin

Goto and Elgin advance on Taichi but Taichi gets to the ropes. Goto and Elgin advance on Taichi again, and Taichi leaves the ring. Goto and Elgin lock up but Taichi rolls up Goto for two. Goto and Elgin exchange forearms.

Goto and Elgin exchange shoulder tackles. Taichi dodges a double team and exits the ring. Elgin goes for a German Suplex, but Goto counters. Elgin hits an Enziguri. Elgin goes for a Brainbuster but Goto counters. Taichi hits a Yakuza Kick. Elgin fights off a double team but eats a gut kick from Taichi. Goto and Taichi drop Elgin with a double body kick. Goto suplexes Taichi onto Elgin. Goto suplexes Taichi. Elgin slams Goto onto Taichi. Goto covers but Elgin breaks up the pinfall.

Elgin eats lariats from Taichi and Goto. Elgin hits Taichi with a German Suplex. Elgin goes for Tiger Suplex but Taichi hits an Enziguri. Taichi goes for a powerbomb but Elgin fights out. Goto and Taichi brawl at ringside. Elgin hits a Tope Con Hilo on Goto and Taichi. Elgin rolls Taichi in the ring.

Taichi hits a Buzzsaw Kick to Elgin. Goto hits Elgin with a Saito Suplex. Taichi hits Goto with an Enziguri. Taichi hits a Lariat for a two count.

Taichi rips off his pants. Goto blocks the Thrust Kick with Ushiguroshi for two. Goto puts Taichi on the top rope. Elgin pulls Goto off the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Goto hits a Saito Suplex. Goto climbs the top rope and hits goes for an avalanche Ushiguroshi. Taichi fights out. Elgin hits a rolling Powerbomb on Goto, causing Goto to Superplex Taichi.

Elgin throws Taichi out of the ring. Elgin and Goto hit stereo lariats on each other repeatedly. Elgin hits a an Arm Trap Electric Chair Drop for two.

Elgin goes for a Buckle Bomb but Goto fights out. Elgin hits an Enziguri. Goto hits a lariat and a headbutt. Goto hits Ushiguroshi. Goto hits an inverted GTR for two.

Taichi rolls Abe into the ring. Taichi hits Goto and Elgin with a microphone stand. Taichi hits Goto with a Thrust Kick for two. Taichi hits a Buzzsaw Kick to Goto and a Gedo Clutch, but Elgin breaks it up with a Buckle Bomb. Elgin throws Taichi into Goto. Elgin hits an Elgin Bomb on Taichi for the pinfall.