Is Stone Cold The Motivation Behind Trump’s Political Persona?, Asuka As A Bond Villain?

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On the latest episode of The Jim Ross Report, JR took President Trump to task for his handling of the recent National Anthem controversy and embarrassing reactions he receives overseas. Ross also suggested that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin may have been the original inspiration behind Trump’s Make America Great Hat & blue collar persona:

It’s embarrassing. I go to other countries. I go to the U.K….golly, it’s embarrassing. You go abroad and, ‘Oh you’re American.’ ‘Yeah I am.’ Then they kinda smile, ‘Oh you’re the country that has the blonde headed President that wears the cap like Stone Cold: I’m gonna drain the swamp.’ I’m waiting; but, I can tell you this, I do believe that cap he wears, not only to restrain his wild hair is played off of Austin. He saw Austin as a common guy, blue collar, drain the swamp type of man and all of a sudden he’s [Donald’s] wearing all these high dollar suits – nothing wrong with that – and a ball cap to make himself look more blue collar.  That’s my take. I might be wrong.

Jim Ross also talked about Smackdown LIVE Superstar Asuka and compared the former NXT Champion to a James Bond villain:

Good reboot on Smackdown LIVE for Asuka. She’s a big money player, no doubt. I know the folks in the front office, shall we say, are very high on her. I think she has an amazing appeal. She can be like a Bond villainess. She’s sexy; but, dangerous. She’s exotic and mysterious and man, when she lays her stuff in I just love it. Better them than me; but, I love her work and I think she’s still a big time player in WWE with great things ahead of her.

Readers interested in listening to The Jim Ross Report in its entirety may do so HERE.

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