Exclusive: Eddie Edwards On Wanting To End Callihan’s Career, If An Apology Would Stop Edward’s Rage, Their Unsanctioned Match Tonight, More

Eddie Edwards Interview

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

WrestleZone’s Lovell Porter was granted the opportunity today to speak with Impact Wrestling superstar Eddie Edwards.

You can find some highlights from WrestleZone’s interview with Eddie Edwards below.

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On how his eye is holding up:

Eddie Edwards: It’s good. It’s much better than it could have been. No long-term damage, no constant pain. Just a few scars and some discoloration but other than that, it’s good.

On what was going through his mind as he was struck in the face with the bat by Sami Callihan:

EE: It was more like all the sudden… I didn’t really see the bat coming. I just felt it. I was just thinking I hope my eye isn’t laying on the mat somewhere. I just hoped that my eye was still intact. I didn’t want to lose my vision or anything like that. I wasn’t so much in pain. It just happened. It was just the shock factor of it happening.

On how he felt when Callihan used what happened as a marketing tool/to get himself over:

EE: I think Impact Wrestling has used it too. They used it for the better. If I was in Sami’s shoes I wouldn’t have done what he did. My state of mind is he had a choice to make and, in my book, he didn’t make the right one.

On if Callihan apologizing in the beginning would have ended this issue before it started:

EE: You know… I don’t know. It definitely would have gone a long way. There still would have been that visual of me getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. It would have been hard to leave that behind after it happened. Either way something would have had to happen after the fact since I did get hit in the face with a bat. I don’t think I could have just let it go.

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