EXCLUSIVE: Colt Cabana’s 1st Post-Trial Comments Following Court Victory Over Dr. Chris Amann (Video)

Moments after his court case victory with CM Punk over Dr Chris Amann, Colt Cabana spoke with Wrestlezone Executive Editor Nick Hausman. Colt commented on today’s results, saying:

I feel amazing. It justifies everything that I fought for for so long. I had questions from day one [about] why was I in this thing, and I think afterwards, talking to a lot of the jury, they had the same questions. It’s a big relief; it’s a lot off of my chest and shoulders.

Verdict Reached For The CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs Dr Chris Amann Trial

Is there any point he thought this could go in Dr Amann’s favor?

No. No. It was nerve-wracking during the week, and my body shut down a bit just knowing that it was all there and happening, but otherwise I was very confident in myself and my lawyer. The jury was—I’ve always considered myself a dude who loves wrestling that just happens to be a dude—I think that when it’s all based on a jury, or just the people representing the people, I didn’t see how they wouldn’t see our side of the story. [It’s] someone like [CM] Punk who is just a punk kid, and someone like myself who is a guy who loves wrestling going against this doctor that was coming at us.

Transcription credit to Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com