Verdict Reached For The CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs Dr Chris Amann Trial

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Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

CM Punk and Colt Cabana will not have to pay any damages after a judge ruled in their favor in Cook County Court today.

Wrestlezone’s Nick Hausman and Ross Berman are in the courtroom today, and shared Punk and Cabana have been cleared of all counts (Defamation, False Light Defamation, Distribution) against them in the lawsuit brought against them by WWE doctor Chris Amann:

CM Punk & Colt Cabana v Dr Chris Amann Trial Day 6 Closing Arguments Notes

Amann had been seeking $3,989,000 in damages for each stream of the podcast in addition to punitive damages for Punk and Cabana’s comments on the November 2014 episode of The Art Of Wrestling. 

Ross Berman will have more detailed notes posted on the site from this afternoon’s court proceedings shortly.