CM Punk & Colt Cabana v Dr Chris Amann Trial Day 5 Afternoon Notes

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I was down at the Cook County Courthouse for day 5 of the CM Punk/Colt Cabana/ Dr. Chris Amman trial. here are all of the notes from the afternoon session.

Continued Testimony of April Mendez Brooks (AJ Lee)

Defense turns over witness to the plaintiff.

  • AJ says trainer’s room meeting at 2014 Royal Rumble too place in early afternoon.
  • AJ can’t recall if Punk had received his heat pack treatment yet.
  • AJ confirms that, in August of 2013, The Lump looked like a pimple, “knuckle-sized.” Amman’s lawyer tries to get her to specify who’s knuckle, but is unsuccessful.
  • AJ confirms that Punk said The Lump was painless in August of 2018.
  • AJ originally felt The Lump, before seeing it.
  • AJ cannot recall some of her testimony, when pressed she responds “If it’s in there, I believe you.”
  • AJ describes The Lump at Royal Rumble as being like a “small fruit.”
  • Amman’s lawyer seem to be cherry picking their deposition quotes, leading to Punk’s team to call for the complete statements to be presented. AJ confirms that she didn’t know the size of The Lump.
  • AJ cannot specify when The Lump started to change colors. It occurred gradually.

AJ is presented with a text exchange that neither her, nor the defense recognizes as introduced. Counsel asked AJ if she recognized the exchange, to which she replied “This says Zack Ryder.” It is quickly understood that the wrong text messages have been presented. Amman’s lawyer corrects the error and presents the correct text exchange.

  • AJ, on saying Punk could give himself staph by poking The Lump, “I’m not a doctor. I don’t know what staph looks like. I was worried.”

Amman’s attorney again presents AJ with the wrong text exchanges.

  • AJ confirms the “don’t poke The Lump” texts.

Amman’s attorney yet again presents AJ with the wrong text exchanges.

  • AJ confirms the “I have a growth on my butt” text.
  • AJ confirms the “I’m gonna stab The Lump” texts, and refuses to say she thought The Lump was infected.

Amman’s attorney presents the wrong evidence again, and after correcting, AJ confirms the texts about Patrick Duffy.

  • AJ confirms the “doc” in texts is Amman.
  • AJ confirms texts about The Lump being a cyst or a lipoma.
  • AJ recalls the word “staph” being used, but can’t confirm the context.
  • AJ cannot recall conversations after the Duffy appt.
  • AJ cannot confirm the exact size of The Lump, and cannot give an exact measurement.

Plaintiff has no more questions

  • AJ confirms she doesn’t know the difference between Staph & MRSA.
  • AJ never measured The Lump with a ruler, fruit or sporting goods.
  • AJ confirms that her “small fruit” comparison was a “guesstimate”

Testimony of SpaSoak Massage Therapist (Corrine)

  • Corrine knows Punk as a client, has serviced him around 20 times.
  • Corrine learned about Punk’s profession through the receptionist before their first appointment.
  • Corrine defines Massage Therapy.
  • Corrine confirms Punk would be tastefully nude during massage (a towel is provided)
  • Corrine confirms being informed of a “suspicious spot” on buttock. She describes it as a “large, round lump,” “3” in diameter, 1″ raised,” and indicates it would’ve been on the left buttock.
  • Corrine confirms working on Punk in 2014. Confirmed by records that it was 1/30/2014.
  • “Still didn’t know what it was,” in regards to The Lump.
  • Corrine confirms discoloration of The Lump during 1/30/2014 visit.
  • Corrine indicates with her hands how big The Lump was, [roughly golfball or tennis ball sized]
  • Corrine confirms that at 4/24/2014 appointment The Lump was gone. Punk supposedly said it “turned out to be staph infection…lucky to be alive.” Corrine said he sounded relieved.
  • Defense ends questioning.
  • Corrine confirms there was initially no Lump when she started treating Punk, and that Punk was the one to bring The Lump to her.
  • Corrine confirms The Lump was sensitive.
  • Corrine can’t recall if she saw Punk in the “colder months.” Plaintiff tries to submit temperatures from the airport, but SpaSoak isn’t close enough to the airport for it to be relevant and a Sidebar is called.


  • Corrine doesn’t recall the weather in 2013.
  • Corrine is handed airport weather reports but it doesn’t refresh her memory.
  • No further questions from plaintiff.
  • No further questions from defense.
  • Judge briefly forgets about the other defense, but they also have no questions.

End of evidence.

The judge was in high spirits as she explained to the jury that they will hear closing arguments tomorrow and begin deliberation.