Taz Critiques NXT & Mauro Ranallo, Calls Dakota Kai A ‘Modern Day Ricky Steamboat.’

Taz Critiques NXT & Mauro Ranallo, Calls Dakota Kai A ‘Modern Day Ricky Steamboat.’

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On the latest episode of The Taz Show, the ECW legend pulled no punches as he offered a critique for some of the biggest stars in NXT.

On Aleister Black:

“I gotta tell you, it was odd watching him with that title and then I started thinking to myself, ‘Does he really need the title? Isn’t he just over enough without that title? Is it gonna hurt him not to have the NXT Championship?’ Then I answered my own question. No, I don’t think he needs the title. He has it for now and I’m not throwing a flag that he has it. He cut a quick promo and then he got interrupted by Lars Sullivan; but, his promo was very quick and as he was talking…his promo work needs some work. That’s not me attacking the kid, I’m just being honest. The reason I say it needs some work is because he has a very awesome look…his physique, all the ink he has, his facial hair….his athleticism, his body of work as a pro wrestler, the martial arts feel he has to his work, his kicks, his strikes and all that jazz. It’s all awesome potpourri of a very unique talent hence his success in NXT. I do think when he gets to the main roster he’s going to be a big star. The thing is-just me being blunt-his promo work loses me a little bit. It loses the darkness. He’s got a certain darkness about him and I’m not saying he shouldn’t talk; but, I think he needs a little guidance in his talking. His vocabulary is great. He’s very intelligent. He doesn’t have a heavy duty accent or anything like that; but, for me it loses the darkness. It felt like just a regular-that he was just a guy talking, speaking well, the inflection was great for me. I just think he needs a little work on his promo and some guys no matter how much work they do they aren’t gonna be awesome promo guys. I’m not saying that’s the case with Aleister Black; but, I do think he needs some help with his promo work.”

Taz later said that he believes EC3 should be NXT Champion.

On Ricochet:

“Ricochet’s promo-as great as he is in the ring, he’s kinda like Aleister Black where he needs some work on his promos a little bit. To me he needs some guidance, some intensity, some inflection work, all that kinda jazz.”

On Mauro Ranallo:

“I got to be honest….Mauro Ranallo, I appreciate his work ethic and how much he works, being a really good announcer in his prep work because he does a great job prepping; but, the screaming…I feel he just screams a lot and just yells a lot and overpowers the match. It’s just too much….crazy yelling and screaming, it just takes it away from me. I hate to be negative. I’m trying not to be negative on the guy; but, I just gotta be honest. It’s never gonna change. He don’t work for me so he don’t give a rat’s ass what I say and that’s all fine.”

Taz had high praise for Velveteen Dream’s promo work and Dakota Kai specifically,

“She’s a modern day female version of Ricky Steamboat. That’s how good she sells. This girl will be a star, I promise. She is fricking good. She’s pretty. There’s something about her….Dakota’s selling is just phenomenal. In my greatest matches, I never had the ability to do the selling this girl does.”

Readers interested in listening to The Taz Show in its entirety may do so HERE.

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