Titus O’Neil Wants To Be Champion In WWE; Sheamus ‘Saves The Rock’s Life’ (Photo)

(Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)

Titus O’Neil Wants To Be Champion In WWE

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil sat down with Natalya for her blog post on the Calgary Sun and discussed his troubled up bringing, what drives him and his goals in the WWE.

He revealed that his mother was the victim of sexual assault and that he was a ‘product of that unfortunate circumstance’, before going on to speak about how those trying situations when he was growing up showed him the importance of working hard and giving back to others.

He also mentioned that he believes he has all the qualities to be a Champion in the WWE and that it is one of the goals he has set for himself, apart from continuing his success outside the ring in a charitable capacity.

You can read the entire piece by Natalya HERE.

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Sheamus ‘Saves The Rock’s Life’ (Photo)

WWE Superstar Sheamus posted this photo of him with a cutout of the Rock‘s upcoming movie Skyscraper.