Drew McIntyre’s Advice To The Locker Room: ‘Don’t Blame Creative, Look Yourself In The Mirror’

Drew McIntyre’s Advice To The Locker Room: ‘Don’t Blame Creative, Look Yourself In The Mirror’

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Drew McIntyre was on the newest episode of The Ross Report with Jim Ross and had some bold statements to say about his past self and how some of the current locker room needs a wake-up call like the one he received. He also talked about his match with Chad Gable. Some excerpts are below:

On what he told Chad Gable before wrestling him on Raw this Monday:

“The best babyfaces can sell, they got fire, they got balls. I told him, ‘I ain’t gonna out wrestle you, but I’m gonna fight to get out of your wrestling…when the time comes I’m gonna smack you…I wanna see some fire from you or I’m gonna beat your ass and he stepped up and felt that we told the right story. He came across better for it like you said and I came across as dangerous and that’s the story we want to tell. Everyone needs to be thinking that way if you get an opportunity on Raw.”

On how the locker room needs to think:

“Don’t blame creative. Don’t sit there with a boo-boo face, you figure out the story and you tell the story cause there’s a lot of people waiting in NXT to take your spot if you’re not willing to step up on Raw.”

On if the WWE still has leaders in the locker room:

“There are the guys, but there is certainly room for more growth. The things I’m saying, there’s a lot of truth to what I’m saying and that’s probably why people are feeling them, probably why they are saying ‘when Drew talks I can kinda feel it’ cause it’s real, because I do believe what I’m saying. I did get released, it was the best thing to happen to me because I finally got reunited with that fire, that passion. I had to sink or swim. I understand that Raw is the best show in the world, the best product in the world. We have five hours of Raw and Smackdown every week and as good as a lot of it is, there is a lot of filler in there and there is a lot guys just sitting around. They don’t have the passion it is as simple as that. I can say it because I was that guy. I’m disappointed in myself, I wasn’t working my ass off to get to the top, I wasn’t preparing myself in the gym, I wasn’t pitching stories, I wasn’t trying to be a better performer. I think people forget that are in WWE and they become complacent. It just makes me sick because you’ve seen the independent scene right now, you know how much talent is there is out there. I was the NXT Champion I know how much talent is there. They’ve got the fire in their eyes their ready to take their spots and I’m there to make sure that Monday Night Raw is all killer. We don’t any need filler anymore. It all trickles down from the top. Like the whole industry, Monday Night Raw needs to be killer from top to bottom and right now, there’s room for improvement and I’m there to be the wake-up call that it needs.”

On being better at communicating with the decision makers in WWE:

“I was so nervous to go talk to Mr. McMahon himself or Hunter or basically anybody. I was a kid, I felt like a kid. Now as I say, I went away, I became a business man. I built my business and WWE brought my business in and I want to be successful in my business and in turn make WWE successful. How do I that if I don’t build a relationship with the people in charge? It sounds so simple saying it and hopefully any other guys on the roster are listening to me right now because it took me a while to get there but you have to start thinking this way. If you want to be at the top of the show, which you should, if you wanna be champion, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and be accountable. Are you giving everything you can? Are you trying to build those relationships? Are you doing everything? And I can assure you a lot of people aren’t and I’m not gonna be shy to start telling people as time goes on because honestly, I’ve been in the locker room with The Undertakers, the Mysterios, Christians, even Ric Flair when I was 22 and I don’t know if all of them would be happy with the way the locker room is these days.”

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Looks like there is a locker room leader for WWE and it’s the guy above. Drew has the right mindset and comments like this should charge up the locker room to put themselves on the line when it comes to communication and being yourself. Wrestling is all about persona and character and I’m sure a lot of the current talent has it, but McIntyre’s advice should ring heavily among anyone with a feeling of complacency or contentment.

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