Colt Cabana’s Mom Dissects Ultimate Warrior Promo; Cabana Featured In Chicago Tribune

Colt Cabana’s Mom Dissects Ultimate Warrior Promo; Cabana Featured In Chicago Tribune

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Colt Cabana’s Mom Dissects Ultimate Warrior Promo

On the latest edition of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, Cabana played a clip of his mother hillariously breaking down the following classic Ultimate Warrior promo:

According to ‘Mama Cabana,’

“I really couldn’t get much out of it, as I assume anybody else couldn’t get one thing out of it either. It was like a foreign language. I think the Warrior needed speech therapy; but, I did here him mention Hulk Hogan numerous times. Well, I assume they were in WrestleMania opposing one another. My first reaction was he’s so confident that he could beat The Hulk, or on the other hand did he lose all confidence about the match altogether? He seemed to be consumed by The Hulk and I wonder who actually did win that match since I probably didn’t watch wrestling back then. I wasn’t really interested in it because Colt was just a young babe back then. I think the guy -The Warrior- was a bit hyper and overreacting to whatever was going on in his mind; but, like all of you out there, what was he really saying? Sometimes I think he was just talking to Mean Gene about where we should eat dinner after the match. I really can’t say that I understood much of it.”

Readers interested in listening to the Art of Wrestling podcast in its entirety may do so HERE.

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Cabana Featured In Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune did a large write up on former WWE Superstar & Deerfield, Illinois native Colt Cabana. Cabana talked about his early infatuation with professional wrestling,

“I watched wrestling and thought it was so cool. I liked G.I .Joe and watching movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Wrestling is a mix of all those things.”

Cabana also talked about his Division 1 football career, the Art of Wrestling podcast, and his new venture as a children’s author. Cabana recently authored the children’s book Wrestling Dreams, which was published in November 2017.

Those interested in reading the entire Chicago Tribune article may do so HERE.