Road Dogg Reveals AJ Styles’ WWE Theme Was Written For Someone Else, Big Cass’ Confrontation w/ Daniel Bryan Doesn’t End Well (Video)

AJ Styles

This week’s episode of WWE Table For 3 featured an interesting bit of information as Road Dogg revealed AJ Styles’ current theme song was originally written for Impact Wrestling star James Storm.

Jeff Jarrett was talking about Styles’ history of great entrance music when Road Dogg told him AJ’s WWE theme was actually written for Storm. He noted the song was written when it was believed that Storm was going to sign with NXT. Things didn’t work out and “The Cowboy” ended up returning to Impact Wrestling after turning down a WWE deal, and Styles adopted the song as his own.

These things have happened before in WWE—Kurt Angle using the Patriot’s theme comes to mind— but this is still pretty interesting to learn.

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The following video features Big Cass’ confrontation with Daniel Bryan during the opening of tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown: