Zack Sabre Jr. Talks NJPW & Wrestling As A Heel, Charlotte Is Ready For Her, Rousey & Jax To ‘Take’ Wrestling

Zack Sabre Jr. Talks NJPW & Wrestling As A Heel, Charlotte’s Ready For Her, Rousey & Jax To ‘Take’ Wrestling

Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Stuart Sunley has an in-depth article about Zack Sabre Jr. and his rise to prominence in New Japan. Throughout the piece, there is commentary from Sabre himself in which he talks about wrestling Okada, getting better at his craft, wrestling different WWE talent, road tripping with Dean Ambrose and wrestling as a heel.

On wrestling Okada:

I felt like there were times in that match when the fans genuinely thought that I was capable of winning, so that fulfillment is only more inspiring and motivating,” said Sabre. “I feel if I was able to get, able to control an audience after one month of a push, then I really envision myself being there for a long time, for the majority of my career — so I’m excited. I feel like the possibilities are endless now. I think I can hopefully wrestle Okada for many more years.

On his old look:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen me from 2010 — boofhead, emo cut and terrible blue biker shorts,” said Sabre. “I wrestled TJP and he was already so slick and at such a good level that it made me think about how much I needed to progress.”

On wrestling as a heel:

“I think I figured out I’m at my best when I’m a knob, a bit of a d—,” said Sabre. “I think naturally, being someone who is presented as very skilled in a minimal-type style, you need to have something alongside that. Arrogance and a bit of ego encourages a crowd to get behind my opponent, and hopefully a lot of my stuff looks painful.

You can read the article in it’s entirety by going here.

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Charlotte’s Ready For Her, Rousey & Jax To ‘Take’ Wrestling

Charlotte just posted the following photo of herself, Ronda Rousey, and Nia Jax at yesterday’s NBC Upfront presentation and is ready for her and her fellow colleagues to take advantage of opportunities presented to them: