7 Things To Know About All In; Enormous List Of Legendary Starrcast Guests

Photo Credit: Cody Rhodes / "All In"

7 Things To Know About All In

The Chicago Tribune have released an article in correlation with Cody Rhodes’ upcoming All In event. In the piece, reporter Brandon Howard lists seven things wrestling fans should know about All In:

  1. A Cody Rhodes Twitter exchange with Dave Meltzer sparked the entire idea
  2. The card is still taking shape; but, major names like Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada have already been announced
  3. The Starrcast Convention will revolve around the show
  4. Tickets are relatively inexpensive ($153 for the front row)
  5. People from all over the world will be attending the event
  6. Cody Rhodes has a deep admiration for Chicago, believing it to be one of the greatest cities in the world
  7. The show may not be streamed anywhere, so seeing it in person may be the only way

Those interested in reading the entire Chicago Tribune article may do so HERE. All In takes place Saturday, September 1st. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Sunday, May 13th at 3PM CST).

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Enormous List Of Legendary Starrcast Guests

Starrcast, the fan convention that revolves around Cody Rhodes’ All In event, has already built an impressive resume of wrestling stars. Already announced are:

Starrcast begins on Thursday, August 30th. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, May 15th at 7PM CST. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Starrcast HERE.