Cody Rhodes Tells Vince Russo To Stay Away From All In, Billboard Goes Up In Chicago For The Event

all in

Photo Credit: Cody Rhodes / “All In”

Vince Russo went on Twitter to comment that he’s ‘ready, willing and able’ to be a part of the All In event scheduled to take place on September 1st this year but was being prevented from doing so. However, he was shot down quickly by Cody Rhodes, who expressed unequivocally that he wanted the former WWE and WCW writer to stay away from the event.

This was not the first time Vince Russo had expressed interest in participating in the event, as he had earlier sent out a tweet in March this year asking to be allowed to cut a promo on the ‘marks’ that will be in attendance.

Meanwhile, the promotion for the event seems to have stepped up a notch with an All In billboard bearing the words ‘The Biggest Independent Wrestling Show Ever’ going up in Chicago.

The tickets for the event go on sale from May 13th.

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