Sean Waltman Recaps The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble, Nick Aldis On Respect Of Being NWA Champion, Marty Scurll’s Character


Photo Credit: X-Pac 1,2,360 / Afterbuzz TV

Sean Waltman recently welcomed Nick Aldis and Dave Lagana to X-Pac 1,2,360, in addition to breaking down WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble. You can check out a few highlights and watch the show in the player below, the show is available on iTunes:

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman on Vince McMahon Taking Wrestlers Out For Dinner 

We went to this restaurant afterward it’s called, “Thirteen Coins” it’s right by Seattle Airport and it’s open 24 hours. But it’s a five-star restaurant and it was so good. So F’ing good. This was the place that we would always go to after shows in Seattle. Vince McMahon loves it. I mean we would all go there with Vince, we would all have dinner afterward sometimes. That used to be a thing with some of us. You could tell if Vince thought you were part of helping him draw money because you would be having dinner with him once and awhile at like “Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse” in New York after a Garden [Madison Square Garden] show or things like that.

Nick Aldis On Going ‘All In’ With Marty Scurll

We are discussing a number of possibilities for the NWA to be represented at a number of shows.

David Lagana Talks About The Time Tim Storm Was Offered 5 Figures To Drop the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title

When we bought the company I talked to everyone of the promoters, it was carny land central. We had three guys trying to hold us up with the belts, they all wanted spots. We were very clear and said ‘No we’re not gonna do it this way but if you’d like to have an at bat, if you play ball now, I’ll guarantee you…’ They all wanted the belt. Tim [Storm] is a quality human being, Tim was offered five figures to drop the title to somebody against our wishes by a promoter and I called Tim when I found out and he says ‘Can I get that money from you?’, ‘No,Tim’ I said, but he was joking. I had so much respect for him, he told me the story.

Nick Aldis Talks About The Respect That Comes With Being The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion: 

When you walk through the curtain you’ve got three seconds maybe, that’s your chance. If they’ve {the audience} never seen you before or even if they’ve never seen you before live in person that’s your chance. They’re either gonna go, ‘okay I give a s***’ or ‘whatever.’ For me I strap that {NWA belt} around my waist… I’m like superman. It’s like a suit of armor for me now, same if I wear the suits. It’s like a silly thing, I flip a switch when I get dressed, it’s a different feel, let’s go to work…That’s why now all that stuff I did in TNA, stuff before that, I never had people come up and speak to me the way they speak to me now…there’s an admiration like, ‘I like what you’re doing,’ not just,’hey good s*** last week.’ There’s a whole lot of presentation to it and I dig that. That’s why I got into the business.

David Lagana Says The NWA Wants To Develop A Women’s Division

We’ll do more. We wanna do a Women’s Division, but we want our Women’s Division to be different. How? No idea. We’ll find it.

Nick Aldis Talks About Marty Scurll’s Character

To me he’s [Marty Scurll] the best character in the business right now. And honestly if I look at anyone with an envious point of view, his position, he’s bullet proof. He can go anywhere he wants, he’s Rowdy Roddy Piper, you know. He doesn’t need a title, he doesn’t need  a specific match-up or feud or anything, he’s just…you want to see that {his character}. By the way, we’ve been wrestling the same amount of time, 13/14 years; this didn’t just happen overnight, it’s a culmination of experience, and you know going back to the drawing board, being creative, thinking of these things. His success is no accident.