WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results (4/27): Who Were The Big Winners At The Greatest Royal Rumble?, More

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results (4/27): Live In Progress…

Match #2: Cruiserweight Championship Match Cedric Alexander (c) vs Kalisto

Kalisto starts the match by getting the crowd to chant “Luch-a, Luch-a, Luch-a”

Both men then begin some quick back and forth chain wrestling in the center of the ring before Kalisto tries to bounce off the ropes into an armdrag. Alexander then goes for a headscissors before Kalisto rolls through, bounces off the ropes and hits Cedric with a headscissors of his own sending Cedris out of the ring. Kalisto then runs off the ropes into a plancha to the outside, taking out Cedric and then rolls him inside the ring. The two quickly battle before Alexander sends Kalisto to the outside and hits a running plancha to the outside of his own.

Both men roll back into the ring and Cedric locks in a waist lock and tries to wear Kalisto down. Kalisto manages to get to his feet and tries to run off the ropes only to be greeted by a huge standing dropkick from Cedric.

With Kalisto back on the mat Cedric synchs in the waistlock once again and continues to try and force the air out of Kalisto’s body. Kalisto remains locked in the waistlock for several minutes before finally managing to get to his feet, jumps in the air and hits Cedric with an armsrag. Kalisto rolls to the ring apron, Cedric follows him and gets hit with a pele kick from Kalisto. Cedric is wobbly and Kalisto hits him with his modified hurricanrana/DDT maneuver. Kalisto continues the quick pace by going to pick up Cedric only to have Cedric shove him off in to the corner.

Cedric charges at Kalisto who moves out of the way but Cedric is still able to grab Kalisto and hits him with a Michinoku driver for a nearfall. Cedric squares up Kalisto as he rcovers in the middle and charges him. Kalisto ducks and sends Cedric through the ropes and hits him with another pele kick, this time to the outside. Cedric is now laid out across the top turnbuckle and Kaliston follows him up there. The two battle and Kalisto goes for a hurricanrana off the top ropes only for Cedric to block him. Kalisto then pulls out a seated Spanish Fly off the top rope on Cedric for another nearfall.

Both men get to their feet in the middle of the ring and exchange kicks before Cedric hits Kalisto with a huge upper cut. Cedric goes for the Lumbar Check only for Kalisto to reverse into a Selina Del Sol attempt which is reversed by Cedric who does hit the Lumbar Check for the pinfall victory.

Your Winner& Still Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander

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