Cody Rhodes On If He’ll Ever Return To WWE, Will He Ever Start His Own Promotion?

Photo Credit: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was asked on Twitter yesterday if he’d ever consider a return to WWE and “The American Nightmare” said how he’s content with marching to the beat of his own drum:

Cody also responded to a follower who made the assumption that if  the All In 2018 event is successful, then is there an indication that Rhodes would also want to start his own promotion. Cody was able to give a response based off his dad Dusty‘s previous experience:

That’s what’s refreshing about talent like Cody. He’s one of the few in the current wrestling world who has lived the “WWE Superstar” lifestyle and found more success outside of it’s corporate confines. Today’s wrestling landscape outside the WWE bubble looks promising and it’s in big part to guys like Cody and The Young Bucks who are willing to cut their own swath by taking risks and creating their own unscripted personas. Can’t blame him for feeling the way he does.

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