ROH TV Ep 342 Recap: Taven v Cody v Daniels, Coleman’s Pulpit w/ Jay Lethal, Punishiment v Taylor, More

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR

ROH Wrestling: Episode #342

Sam’s Town Live – Las Vegas, NV

Air Date: April 9, 2018

On Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana

Recap Provided By: Dominic DeAngelo (@DominicDeAngelo)

The show kicks off with the big Shane Taylor walking out. Ian plugs Shane’s move “The One-Hitter Quitter.” Next out comes Punishment Martinez. Colt and Ian are hyping this puppy as the “Battle of The Big Boys.” Tale of the Tape has Punishment at 6’6 with 5” height advantage and Shane Taylor’s billed at 315 lbs with the weight advantage.

MATCH 1: Shane Taylor vs. Punishment Martinez

Test of strength begins the bout and Shane Talyor gains the advantage. Punishment tries to press out bur Shane gathers the leverage at maintaining control. Martinez eventual utilizes his legs to escape and the two start trading shoulder blocks and punches. Really hard hitting in this match as Taylor eventually clotheslines Martinez out of the ring who leaps back up on the apron Lesnar style but gets knocked back to the outside. We cut to break.

We cut back to Taylor giving Punishment a fallaway slam into the corner then hits him with cannonball into the corner. Martinez goes to the outside but Taylor flies off the apron with a cannonball to the outside. Punishment gets back into the ring and catches Taylor climbing the turnbuckle to get him a modified falcon arrow for a two count. The two jock for position in the corner and the two lead it to the center of the ring to trade blows. Taylor Irish whips Martinez into a Farooq spinebuster before a big splash in the center of the ring. Two count. Punishment is selling the eye damage. Shane goes for the “The One-Hitter Quitter,” but Martinez escapes with sidekicks and a savate kick. Impressive sequence. Taylor goes to the outside and Punishment does a springboard senton (the “Bullseye”) onto Taylor to the outside. Action goes back into the ring. Taylor misses a clothesline and Punishment catches him with a South of Heaven for the three-count finish.

Winner: Punishment Martinez via pinfall after 11:00

Really, really good opener. Even despite a sequence or two looking a bit telegraphed, both guys got over great as credible big man forces in the ring with what looked like solid punches and elbows. The two complimented each other extremely nicely and both Taylor and Punishment look like dudes any member of the roster would not want to mess with. One of my favorite big-man matches I can remember. Already makes this episode a must-watch.

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