WWE Smackdown Live Results (4/3) Styles, Nakamura, Wrestlemania…

WWE Smackdown Live Results

April 3rd, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

WWE Smackdown Live Results (4/3) Styles, Nakamura, Wrestlemania…

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In Ring Segment: Daniel Bryan

Bryan introduces a returning Shane McMahon. Shane dances his way to the ring. Shane thanks the crowd for the warm welcome. Shane puts over Bryan’s determination for staying focused on being able to return to the ring. Shane notes that he was hospitalized over the past few weeks due to the attack he suffered from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Shane says he has also been cleared to return to the ring. Shane is ready for WrestleMania. Bryan says he has made a lot of mistakes over the past few months when it comes to Owens and Zayn. Bryan allowed himself to be manipulated. Bryan apologizes. Shane apologizes for his actions over the last few months as well.

Bryan says he has learned a lot over the past few years. One thing is that when tag team partners have their differences there is only one way to resolve it. Bryan extends his arms for a hug. Shane puts out his hand for a shake. Bryan says Nashville doesn’t want to see them to shake hands, Nashville wants to see them hug it out. Shane says he isn’t much of a hugger. The crowd chants “hug it out” Shane eventually hugs Bryan. Shane says they are definitely on the same page now. Bryan says they are going to get their payback for everything Zayn and Owens have done over the past few weeks. Shane adds that after WrestleMania, Owens and Zayn will never be seen in a Smackdown ring again.