Exclusive: Vinny Marseglia Explains ‘The Kingdom Conspiracy’ In ROH, Calls Bullet Club ‘Totally Vulnerable’, Talks Kingdom v SoCal, More

Photo Credit: PattyImages/Hard Body Photography

Happy Friday of Honor!

WrestleZone is proud to present this exclusive interview with Ring of Honor star “The Horror King” Vinny Marseglia!

You can find some highlights from our interview with Vinny transcribed in this post. The full audio, courtesy of WrestleZone Radio, can be found on the final page.

Be sure to check out Supercard of Honor on April 7th when The Kingdom battles SoCal Uncensored for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships!

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On the conspiracy against The Kingdom in Ring of Honor:

VM: The conspiracy is that we were the first-ever Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Champions. We won them at Final Battle 2016, then TK had his injury and when he got back we were never granted our re-match. In pro wrestling for years and years, decades even, it was always that you were guaranteed a title re-match. We have never gotten a fair re-match for our six-man tag titles. It was always, “Well, this team is involved,” or, “Well, that team is involved.” This happened, that happened and it’s like there’s always someone at the wheel of this “Kingdom Conspiracy”.

The conspiracy is that we never got a fair re-match for our ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships and every time we have gotten close to it it’s been taken away. It’s been completely taken away. Whatever the situtation may be. Look at ROH 16th Anniversary where myself and TK were not even on the show and we had to take it upon ourselves to make a point by attacked the hottest act in pro wrestling, Bullet Club, and then we got kicked out of the building by Bully Ray. There’s a lot to the conspiracy. Every time we felt it was right there the legs would be cut out from underneath us. That’s what the conspiracy is and it is time to kill the conspiracy at Supercard of Honor.

On if he thinks Ring of Honor gives Bullet Club preferential treatment:

VM: We are looking for answers. We don’t know who is behind the conspiracy. We really don’t and that’s kind of the ongoing search for The Kingdom… who is behind “the Kingdom Conspiracy?” Is it Bullet Club? Is it the office? Is it Joe Koff? Is it referee Paul Turner? We don’t know who is behind the conspiracy. That is part of our search, who is behind this?

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