Exclusive: Robbie E On His Unique New Podcast, TNA v WCW Disfunction, A Possible Run In NXT, More

Photo Credit: Robbie E, MLW

WrestleZone was granted an interview earlier today with former Impact Wrestling/TNA star Robbie E.

You can find many of the highlights from Robbie’s interview transcribed below in this post.

The full audio, provided by WrestleZone Radio, is embedded on the final page of this post.

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On the concept behind his new podcast “Why It Ended…”:

RE: The concept is that I wanted something different. I feel like a lot of wrestlers are on the same shows and you’ve heard them a million times. It’s just kind of the same stuff. I want guys on that have vanished or that people have forgotten about. I want people going, “Oh man! I remember that guy! Whatever happened to him? I want to hear his story.” I am getting guys that may have been on TV for three weeks or six months. Maybe around in like 1982 for a year? Whatever! I want guys that aren’t really hitting the circuit hard and aren’t at conventions.

On why he chose Glacier as the the first guest for the show:

RE: We have a lot of ideas of who we want but we wanted the first one to pop a bit. We wanted people to go, “Wow!” and I think Glacier is that. Even though his run wasn’t so long I think if you are a wrestling fan from the late 90s everybody remembers Glacier. Whether you thought it was a joke or thought it was cool… everybody remembers that crazy entrance and everything. I thought he was a good one to have everyone asking, “What the hell ever happened to that guy? What was that story?”

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