Exclusive: Flip Gordon On Wanting To Be ‘All In’, His Japanese Debut, Are He & Brandi Rhodes ‘More Than Friends’?, Is The Earth Round or Flat?, More

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

Happy Friday of Honor!

This Friday WrestleZone is happy to release an exclusive interview with Ring of Honor star Flip Gordon!

You can find the highlights transcribed in this post. The full audio, courtesy of WrestleZone Radio, is available on the final page.

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On being considered one of the fastest rising pro wrestling stars on the planet:

FG: It’s kind of surreal because I went from being told I would never make it in this business to what some are considering, as you said, one of the fastest rising stars. I never take anything for granted because I love this so much and it could all be gone tomorrow. I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.

On what his experience was like making his Japanese debut as part of ROH & NJPW’s Honor Rising events:

FG: It was awesome. I had set the goal to go to Japan before my three year mark. To accomplish that goal in the second month of this year was absolutely incredible. Going over there is such a huge accomplishment because a lot of people work their whole careers to go to Japan and I did it in about two and a half years. It was awesome. I hope I get a chance to go back over there. I learned so much and I got to share the ring with some of the best wrestlers in the world.

On if he was disappointed in his loss to Hiromu Takahashi at ROH 16th Anniversary:

FG: That’s part of the game and it happens. Hopefully I get invited to Super Juniors because maybe I can one up him there. Maybe I can get him again on his own home turf.

On if there is anyone else from the NJPW roster that he would like to wrestle:

FG: Kota Ibushi.

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