Kelly Klein On Possibly Being The 1st Women Of Honor Champ, Why RuPaul Is Her Role Model, Best Advice She’s Been Given In Wrestling

Kelly Klein recently spoke with the Ring Of Honor website; you can read a few highlights below:

Klein comments on what it would mean to be the first Women Of Honor Champion: 

To be the first Women of Honor Champion would be an incredible accomplishment. It would go down in history and no matter what happens, there will always and forever be only one first. Things are changing for women in wrestling and in the entire world. I take it very seriously to be part of that, and to be able to lead the charge in Women of Honor is something I am ready for. I know that I embody the qualities of strength, courage, drive, and much more that the first Women of Honor Champion should absolutely possess. To be recognized for that on a larger scale would be a huge milestone and the beginning of something even greater.

Klein comments on RuPaul being a role model: 

Someone I have recently started to follow more closely and admire more and more is RuPaul Charles. He amazes me in so many ways. The fact that he was able to succeed in a niche market, and then supersede that to become a recognizable name to the general public is incredible. I see a lot of parallels between drag and professional wrestling. Maybe that’s why I am so drawn to him. We are both in industries that are often misunderstood and even disregarded and dismissed or looked down on. There is the opportunity to go beyond the industry as RuPaul has done and in wrestling we have seen Hulk Hogan and The Rock and Maria Kanellis go beyond our little circle. We are in industries that have the potential to have so much power and joy and such a positive impact on the people involved and the people who enjoy it. I love that RuPaul has a great grasp of energy and positivity and how that can transcend the negative toxicity that can sometimes surround us. And of course, the thing that many people totally miss about drag and wrestling is that we are telling stories and asking questions. We are holding up a mirror. Sometimes it is tongue in cheek. And sometimes it is uncomfortable. But it makes people think and it makes people feel something. When you can do that beautifully and make it look effortless, that is real art.

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What is the best advice she’s ever received in wrestling?  

The best advice I have ever received in wrestling came from Maria Kanellis. It’s something that has been said in different ways by different people. But she said it in a way and from a place that resonated with me. She told me that I didn’t need to try to be the same as the other girls. That I needed to find who I am and be that. As a woman, this is significant. We, more than the men, are expected to fit into a certain mold. I understand where it comes from, but it is outdated and narrow and it has caused a lot of damage to a lot of people. When Maria told me this, it was different than when I had heard similar things because I know she has faced the same expectations and struggles and understands it in a way that other people may not. The more I tried to be someone else, the further I got from the best me. And I could never be successful that way. It is still a challenge. And I know I am not the only person who deals with this. But she helped empower me to stay strong in who I am and stop comparing myself to anyone else. I often remind myself of her words and her amazing support. I will always be grateful for that.