View From The Capitol #1: Full Capitol Anniversary Preview, A Look At The 6 Team Gauntlet (Photo Gallery), This Week On Capitol TV, More

On March 24th, Capitol Wrestling presents its biggest event in company history with Capitol Wrestling Anniversary!

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Already signed for Capitol Anniversary is one of the most dynamic athletes in pro wrestling, Sonny Kiss, facing off against the most outspoken man in Capitol Wrestling, Matt Macintosh.

Macintosh, who defeated four other competitors at Capitol Wrestling MasterClass, looks to have the biggest victory of his time in Capitol, as Kiss comes off sealing the victory for Team Capitol at World War IV!

The stakes are high for both, as the winner is guaranteed a shot at the Capitol Wrestling Championship, and the loser is unable to get a title shot for the rest of 2018.

With Sonny Kiss primed to take over the wrestling world in 2018, it may be hard to stop the “Concrete Rose” from blooming at Anniversary.

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