Kevin Owens Responds To Criticism Of His Weight; New Day’s ‘Book of Booty’ Is Available 

Kevin Owens Responds To Criticism Of His Weight

Owens took to Twitter last night to critique Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon for being backstage next to Vince McMahon during RAW, and somehow this prompted a fan to respond to the former WWE Universal Champion with an insult about his weight. KO clapped-back in grand fashion.

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New Day’s ‘Book of Booty’ Is Available

The New Day’s new activity book called ‘Book of Booty’ is out now.

Here is the description on Amazon.

Multi-time W . . . W . . . E! (WWE) TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIONS! The New Day want you to feel the power!! And now you can with The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It. From the purveyors of positivity themselves, each chapter of this handy guide will help you embrace the New Day way of life. Even if you’re feeling booty―and who (who?! who?! who?! who?! who?!) has never felt booty? ―you’ll be clapping, gyrating, and radiating positivity like the New Day themselves.