EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Daniels On ROH 16th Anniversary Being Validation, Stunt Acting Roles, Who’s On His ‘Mount Rushmore’ Of ROH?

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR (Joey DeFalco JD3Studios)

I recently spoke with Ring Of Honor star Christopher Daniels about his upcoming cameo role in the Netflix series Love, ROH’s 16th Anniversary, his history in ROH and much more. Netflix’s Love premieres its third season this Friday, the same day as Ring Of Honor’s 16th Anniversary event in Las Vegas: 

How did Daniels get a role as a stunt performer in the new Netflix series Love?

Chavo Guerrero is a stunt coordinator, he was the stunt coordinator for GLOW, and when Love needed a wrestling scene they knew that he was someone that has worked with wrestlers and stunt people at the same time. Chavo put myself, Tyrus, Lil’ Cholo from Lucha Underground is in it, and Lisa Marie Varon is in it, but that’s how it all got set up. Chavo knows that there’s a lot of us out here in [Los Angeles], and whenever there’s a wrestling scene he kind of just throws his friends together and gets us in there.

Does he ever consider taking roles based on possible appeal to his fanbase, or is he looking to just build his resume as a stunt performer?

For me, someone that is entertaining the idea of branching out into stunt work in the future, it’s just an opportunity to sort of hone my skills and get to know more stunt coordinators and stunt performers in the Hollywood scene. I understand, and I hope wrestling fans understand that these shows may not be on the top  lists of fans that watch me in Ring Of Honor, but they understand the difference between Christopher Daniels of Ring Of Honor and Christopher Daniels as a stunt man. We’re playing different roles and I’m serving a different show and a different storyteller. It doesn’t bother me to go into stunt work, and if [ROH fans] are watching Love because I’m on it, hopefully they enjoy the show, and it might get them into watching the entire series if they like the episode that we’re on.

Are there any other projects he would like to see himself in?

I filmed an episode of [the new FOX series] 9-1-1 not too long ago, so any opportunity that comes along so that I can expand my skill set as a stunt man, I’m going to take advantage of that. Working at Universal Studios like I do for the Waterworld stunt show, I’ve got the opportunity to work with a lot of great stunt performers and coordinators. Action Horizons is the name of the company that runs the Waterworld stunt show, and they’ve also done a lot of work on American Horror Story and 9-1-1, and other shows in the future, so anything that Action Horizons has a hand in I’m going to make myself available to work. It’s just a matter of those opportunities coming around. Not every scene that I do entails professional wrestling, it just so happens that ‘GLOW’ and ‘Love’ happened almost back-to-back. Obviously if there’s any other wrestling stories being told, I’m going to be available for that as well.

What are his thoughts on getting to face the Hung Bucks at Ring Of Honor’s 16th Anniversary event this weekend?

The feud between myself and Frankie [Kazarian] and the Young Bucks has been going on for a couple of years now. As far as our toughest opponents, I have to throw the Young Bucks up at the top of the list. So, now with them as the Six-Man Tag Team Champions with Adam Page, we recently recruited Scorpio Sky as a fellow So-Cal professional wrestler to be on our side, so over the course of the past few months we’ve had so many interactions with them were Friday is going to be a Vegas Street Fight. Basically there’s no rules, and anything goes. The tensions between us and them have escalated to the point where there’s going to be weapons, there’s probably going to be blood, but I feel confident in myself, Frankie and Scorpio where we’re going to come out as the new Six-Man Tag Team Champions.