Matt Taven On The Kingdom Being Real Friends, His Take On The Illuminati Conspiracy, His Favorite Wrestler Growing Up

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matt Taven recently took part in a ‘ten questions’ interview with Ring Of Honor; check out some highlights below:

Matt Taven comments on the Illuminati conspiracy: 

The Illuminati is very real. Whether these Melvins wearing Bullet Club shirts would like to admit it or not, their lives are spent in an endless hamster wheel working for the one percent, delusional to think that the American dream is alive and that one day their hard work will pay off. Ha! But still they blindly support the “big business” that’s suppressing them. Kind of like how they support Bullet Club.

Taven reveals why Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan are the right fit for The Kingdom: 

When The Kingdom was [Michael] Bennett, [Adam] Cole, Maria [Kanellis] and myself, it worked because it was real. Real friends who spend every moment with each other and truly wanted each other to succeed. With Vinny and TK, we have the same relationship. Vinny trained with Bennett and me at Spike Dudley’s Lock-Up school, and TK would come through the same school years later. The three of us along with Bennett run our own wrestling school now in Rhode Island and spend the majority of our time together. There is no one I trust more or would want to protect my Kingdom with than the Horror King and the Sassy Wild Horse.

Taven comments on Bret Hart being his favorite wrestler as a kid: 

Bret Hart hands down was my favorite as a kid. Not only is he amazing in the ring, but he has great hair, too. Guys with curly hair need to stick together. Chris Jericho is another favorite of mine, but that might change depending on this cruise. I feel like he’s part of this Kingdom Conspiracy.