Braun Strowman Sings The Blues, Smashes Standing Bass Over Elias’ Back (Photos / Video), The Miz Comments On Chamber Match Spot

braun strowman

(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Braun Unplugged

Braun Strowman interrupted Elias’ latest song on WWE RAW, and delivered a ‘smash hit’ of his own.

Elias sang a song for the San Jose crowd (despite trashing them and saying they didn’t deserve to hear it) before Braun appeared in the aisle with a cello. Braun sang a bit about destroying his Elimination Chamber competition, then broke a few strings and said there was only one more thing he could do. He walked to the ring and fought with Elias, but Elias ended up getting away. Braun obviously didn’t let him get too far, and smashed the cello over his back. Check out highlights below:

WWE RAW Results For 2/12

The Miz

Following his loss on RAW which ‘earned’ him the first entry spot in the Elimination Chamber match, The Miz posted the following comments and later spoke with Mike Rome: