Eric Bischoff On Trying To Sign Pat Patterson, JBL Comments On Waiting For WCW In The Parking Lot During The Infamous DX Invasion

Eric Bischoff On Trying To Sign Pat Patterson, JBL On Waiting For WCW In The Parking Lot During The DX Invasion

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Recently on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Eric Bischoff, JBL, and Bruce Prichard talked to Sam about Bischoff trying to sign Bruce Prichard, JBL waiting for WCW in WWE’s parking lot, kissing Stephanie McMahon, and more; you can read a few excerpts and listen to the show below: 

Eric Bischoff comments on trying to sign Pat Patterson: 

“SR: It got to the place where off screen, writers were being traded back and forth, was there a point where you tried to get Bruce?

EB: No, that’s another part of the narrative. There was nobody we sat back and tried to steal. When talent came over it was really them coming to us not us trying to cherry pick. The only person I tried was Pat Patterson, people kept telling me what a great finish guy he was and I knew looking at our product we needed someone with that depth of storytelling. 

JBL: The headline out of that is that Eric wanted Pat but didn’t want Bruce Prichard.

JBL, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard comment on the DX invasion of Nitro: 
JBL: …We had a friendly rivalry, we did have the time when they invaded from Norfolk, we invaded in the afternoon and we didn’t know what would happen, Jerry Brisco went around telling people to be ready so we were in the parking lot, we had Ken Shamrock and that’s about all we needed really. We had no idea what was going to happen, we were out there until Vince was leaving.

SR: Did you know that at the time Eric?

EB: No, I had no idea any of that was going on, it’s one of the things I regret the most. I would’ve let them in and whatever happened would have happened on television, that would have been some of the greatest television in the history of wrestling. 

SR: So, we are talking about when DX went over to Nitro and was like outside in the parking lot and driving a tank. 

JBL: They had no plan.

BP: We had a little bit of a plan. I was there directing the whole thing.

JBL: I love the fact you had a dummy tape though, if you got kidnapped you were going to sneak the other one out. If you had got in the building though, what would you have done? 

BP: Oh god, we just would’ve taped it and gone for it. We were hoping we were going to get in. 

EB: I don’t think that would have been worth the effort because honestly, there was no heat between the boys. They would’ve broken in and would have been in character and then they would have high fived each other and cracked a beer. 

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Eric Bischoff on Trying to Court JBL: 

EB: That was the only name we wanted at the time. I tried to court JBL once in an airport but it didn’t work out. 

JBL: It got me a raise! I ran into Eric at a bar, it was the first time I met him and I was in the middle of a contract negotiation and I got a raise. 

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