Chuck Taylor Calls Young Bucks’ As ‘Lip Kiss Friends’ ‘Borderline Illegal’; Talks Barreta Friendship, More

WrestleZone Radio has just released an interview with Ring of Honor star Chuck Taylor.

Chuck Taylor and his Best Friends’ tag team partner Trent Barreta will take on The Young Bucks on February 9th in Concord, NC as part of ROH’s Honor Reigns Supreme event.

You can find some transcribed highlights below. (If you use our transcription please credit WrestleZone and use the embeddable audio player)

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On The Young Bucks’ questioning the friendship of he and Trent:

CT: It makes me want to punch them in their dumb little faces to question our friendship like that. I would never go in and question their brotherhood. It’s obvious that they look enough alike and are brothers. I think it’s also obvious that Trent and I are the best friends in the whole universe.

On the recent arguments that he and Trent have had on their tour in Japan:

CT: Every night we were snipping at each other but that’s just what friends go. He’s a stupid dummy and likes to have things his way and I am way more smart than him. I probably could have said something smarter that, “I am way more smart,” to sound smart but whatever! He’s dumb and I am very smart and he should listen to me.

On The Young Bucks’ claiming they are better friends because they are “lip kiss friends”:

CT: I watched the video. It’s borderline illegal, right? They’re kind of floating in the incest area, aren’t they? I think they can go to jail but Trent and I could kiss all day and not go to jail. It’s 2018 but I am pretty sure incest is still on the books. I think you can go to jail.

This interview has been released in conjunction with WZ & ROH’s Fridays of Honor campaign. You can find the original Young Bucks’ promo in question that WZ released last week below: