Exclusive: ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase Reveals Real Story Behind Boy w/ The Basketball; Whatever Happened To That Boy?, More

WrestleZone Radio has just released an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase!

Ted’s interview with WrestleZone is in conjunction with the on-line release of The Price of Fame, the documentary about his life and career.

You can find some of Ted’s comments from the interview transcribed below. We will be releasing more transcribed highlights throughout the week. (If you use WrestleZone’s transcription elsewhere please credit us and embed the audio player)

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On the real story behind the time he kicked a basketball out of a child’s hand:

TD: Number one, it was all planned and rehearsed. When we did it live he was a little boy, my voice was very deep and carried and when I told him, “You don’t get the job!” He got scared and he ran to his mother but you can be assured they got the money. They got the money and they knew they were going to get the money from the get go. It was all just a part of the show.

On whatever happened to that little boy:

TD: It’s funny, years later I go to Omaha, NE, I am renting a car and this guy taps me on the shoulder so I turn around. I am looking at his chest, I look up at this guy who is about 6’6″ and he looks at me and goes, “Good to see you Mr. DiBiase, can I help you find a car? I am the manager here.” I said, “Sure, help me find something that can fit both of us!” He said, “By the way, do you remember that kid you did that thing with the basketball?” It was just the look on his face and I go, “No way!” He goes, “It’s nice to see you again!” (Laughs) I ran into that little boy as a full grown man.

It got better, he goes, “I actually went to college on a basketball scholarship.” That was too much. I said, “See what I did for ya!” We both laughed and he said, “Well, I got drafted by the Lakers but I didn’t make the final cut.” He was obviously doing pretty good for himself.

Some other topics that DiBiase discusses include:

  • The documentary about him “The Price of Fame”
  • How it feels for it to be made
  • What he didn’t expect his friends to say about him
  • How hard it is to watch his wife open up about his infidelity
  • Vince’s vision and creation of The Million Dollar Man
  • What “parameters” Vince put on him when he was out on the town spending money
  • His partnership with Virgil
  • Whether the juxtaposition of the two characters ever bothered him
  • THE REAL story behind the night he kicked the basketball out of that little boys hand
  • Returning to WWE for RAW 25
  • JBL “stealing his gimmick”
  • Who his favorite current Superstar is
  • Would he ever crown another Million Dollar Champion?
  • More

You can find more information, photos and video regarding The Price of Fame on the next page. WrestleZone Radio will feature an interview with Ted DiBiase Jr. next Wednesday.