NXT Results For 1/31: Roderick Strong vs Tyler Bate, TM61 Returns, Takeover Philadelphia Fallout

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NXT Results

January 31st 2018

Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans 

Nikki pounds on Lacey early, then Lacey catches her with a few strikes and goes for a moonsault. Nikki comes back and takes her down before hitting a swinging DDT for the win.

Winner – Nikki Cross

– Nikki tried going after Lacey after the bell, but Lacey ran away and called her crazy.

TM61 vs The Ealy Brothers 

Thorne and Miller hit a double elbow smash, then Thorne takes it outside and hits a dive off of the apron. Miller comes in and connects with a corner clothesline, then he throws a few forearm shots before the Ealys pull a switcharoo.

Gabriel attacks Miller before Muriel splashes him, then they slam his head on the mat and get a two count. Gabriel punches Miller in the corner before Miller comes back with a clothesline, then Thorne knocks Muriel off the apron and charges the corner. Thorne avoids a corner splash and the Ealys collide, then Thorne hits a release suplex and Miller splashes him for two. Thorne and Miller send Muriel outside, then hit Gabriel with Thunder Valley for the win.

Winners – TM61