Shane Taylor On Being The 1st Man Eliminated In Final Battle TV Title Match, His ROH World Title Program w/ Jay Briscoe, Losing 100+ LBS, More

The above exclusive WrestleZone Radio interview features WZ’s Executive Editor Nick Hausman chatting with Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor.

We have included some excerpts below.

This interview is in conjunction with WZ & ROH’s Fridays of Honor campaign.

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On being the first man eliminated in the 4-Way Survival ROH TV Championship Match at Final Battle:

ST: It’s selective memory. You are telling the truth but let’s also add in the fact that leading up to that I was knocking everybody around in that match. All three of those guys. It took all three of them to get me to a point that they ALL got me out.

NH: Absolutely.

ST: While I did go out first and it is very frustrating I’ve been in the ring with those guys individually. I know that the case could be different one-on-one.

On what he learned from Jay Briscoe getting to work with him in a ROH World Title program last year:

ST: Jay Briscoe has been very instrumental in just giving me some very good advice. Just showing me in ring that there is a different gear that you have to have when you are at that level. He has a different gear then a lot of people that I have been in the ring with. Tapping into that and being consistently great at that level. That’s the seperation for a lot of guys. Anybody can be great for a match or two. When you are at that level… you have to be great every single time.

On what motivated to drop over 100 pounds over the past year:

ST: I am a very goal oriented person. I knew what my role would be if I stayed at that weight. I know what would be expected of me and what I would be given just doing that. So, I wanted for myself to see if I could challenge myself to do this and show my work ethic and show people that I have the initiative to try and be a bigger star for the company.

During the interview Shane also discusses:

  • How and why he recently lost over 100 pounds
  • His ROH Championship feud with Jay Briscoe in 2017
  • Wanting to remain in the ROH Word Title picture
  • Coming up short in his ROH TV Title match at Final Battle
  • Sharing the ring with his friend Kenny King
  • What it’s like to work with another big man like Punishment Martinez
  • His rough upbringing in Cleveland leading to his KO punch
  • Cleveland sports
  • His upcoming match against Marty Scurll at ROH Music City Excellence
  • What ROH dream matches he has left
  • More