Brad Gilmore Gives Updates On Booker T’s Mayoral Campaign, Possibility Of Another Booker WWE Run, Will Booker Be In The Rumble Match?, More

WrestleZone is proud to present the following exclusive interview with Reality of Wrestling and Heated Conversations’ Brad Gilmore in conjunction with WZ’s ROW Thursdays campaign.

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We have included some of Brad’s comments transcribed below. (Please credit WZ for the transcriptions if you use them elsewhere)

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On Booker T’s current Houston mayoral campaign:

BG: We are working hard over these next twelve months to make sure, not only that Booker wins and becomes the Mayor of Houston, but more importantly, regardless of the election, we are working together to try and help people who are out on the streets and don’t have a home. We are woking with his foundation, Booker T Fights For Kids, to try and do as much as we can for our youth. It’s a cliche but we really do believe children are the future. Booker’s philosophy with Reality of Wrestling is that he is the oldest guy there. He is the oldest man that works there and he likes to keep everyone that works there young. When you have young people you have young ideas and new ways of looking at things. All things on the mayoral front are going great and we are going to have some great announcements in 2018.

On if he thinks Booker would be open to coming back for one more WWE run:

BG: I think that he would do it. He might say that he wouldn’t but I think he would. If you look at Booker right now, you saw him on the WZ ROW Seminar, he’s in tremendous shape. You look at guys from his generation who are his age, late-40s and early-50s, they don’t look like Booker. They don’t move like Booker. They don’t walk around like Booker. Book has, by the grace of God, had limited injuries in his career and has always kept himself in great shape. He doesn’t do the things he’s not supposed to to his body. Booker’s grandfather lived to be like 105 or something like that. Lord willing, I hope Booker lives past that.

On if he thinks Booker will be in the Royal Rumble match in two weeks:

BG: If I was a betting man… I wouldn’t bet against it.

NH: 51%?

BG: (Laughs) Yeah, that’s safe.

In the full interview Brad also discusses:

  • How he got involved with Booker T and Reality of Wrestling
  • What makes Reality of Wrestling special
  • Another potential WWE run for Booker T
  • If he thinks Booker will be in the Royal Rumble match
  • Booker’s Houston Mayoral campaign
  • His picks for the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble matches
  • More

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